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Best Car Wash Machine in Kenya
Car Wash Machine
Car Wash Machine for Sale
Car Wash Machine for Sale

About Car Washing Machines in Kenya

We are here for you when you need to invest in a car washing machine. We have an extensive stock with a variety of quality car washer machine brands like Karcher and Aico and so many models for you to choose from. Our staff is highly trained and with high levels of expertise to ensure you are well-advised before you put your money down to buy a car washing machine with the best electric car wash machine price in kenya.

Our extensive stock includes electric and petrol run car washing machines to suit your needs. We have high pressure machines with adjustable nozzles or machines with easily replaceable nozzles for high versatility. From the innovativeness and futuristic designs of Karcher machines to the power and efficiency of Aico car washing machines we have it all for your choosing.

We are empowering car wash businesses in Kenya one machine at a time and we would like you to be our next customer. With our car washing machines, your business will be way ahead of the competition in many ways – reduced downtime, minimal maintenance and reduced power/fuel expenses. Our quality products are also backed with superior customer support. We are always available to assist our clients in any way possible.

It is very important to protect your car washing machines or any other electrical product against over voltage, under voltage, spikes/surges, and Powerback surges by use of voltage regulators or stabilisers eg AVS 30.

Car Washing Machine price in Kenya (Pressure Washers)

Brand & Psi Power Type Price (Ksh)
Pioneer 3450 Psi 🔥 🔥   Electric Ksh 88,000
Pacwell 3450 Psi  Electric Ksh 85,000
Hisaki Japan 3450 Psi 🔥🔥🔥  Electric Ksh 86,000
Pacwell 3600 Psi  Electric (3-Phase) Ksh 130,000
Pioneer 3800 Psi 🔥 Electric (3-Phase) Ksh 135,000
Pacwell 2700 Psi Electric Ksh 65,000
Pioneer 2700 Psi Electric Ksh 65,000
Hisaki 2700 Psi Electric Ksh 65,000
Pioneer 2000 Psi Electric Ksh 48,000
AICO APW210 3000 Psi Electric Ksh 38,000
Ryobi 1900 Psi  Electric Ksh 27,000
Pacwell LT593 2200 Psi 4 N-Series Electric Ksh 42,000 {On Offer 🔥}
Pacwell LT703 170 Bar- 2500 Psi 🔥🔥🔥 Electric Ksh 28,000
Pacwell 1800 Psi Electric Ksh 16,000
Lifter 2650 Psi Petrol Ksh 29,000
Pioneer 2500 Psi Petrol Ksh 32,000
Pioneer 3800 Psi Petrol Ksh 65,000
Pacwell 2750 Psi Petrol Ksh 42,000
Hisaki 3450 Psi (7hp) Diesel Ksh 125,000
Hisaki 3900 Psi (10hp) Diesel Ksh 135,000

For Purchase Inquiries, Call/Sms/Whatsapp us on 0724 265172 /0769 385283
Our Location: SMK Business centre along Enterprise road, next to Hillocks (Abt 2 kms from GM) -

Also Available: Vacuum Cleaners & Carpet Cleaners

AICO Vacuum Cleaner 20L - Ksh 13,500/=
AICO Vacuum Cleaner 50L - Ksh 27,000 /=
AICO Vacuum Cleaner 100L - Ksh 52,000 /=
AICO Vacuum cleaner + Carpet Cleaner 20L combo - Ksh 47,000 /= /=
AICO Vacuum cleaner + Carpet Cleaner 40L combo - Ksh 52,000 /=
AICO Vacuum cleaner + Carpet Cleaner 60L combo - Ksh 72,000 /=

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Car Wash Machine for Sale in Kenya
Car Wash Machine Kenya
Car Wash Machine Price in Kenya
Car Washing Machine Price in Kenya
Car Washing Machine Price in Kenya
Car Washing Machine Price in Kenya
Car Washing Machine Price in Kenya
Car Washing Machine Price in Kenya

Choosing The Best

Car Washing Machines in Kenya

A car wash is one of the most lucrative businesses you can start today. Kenya is a growing middle income economy with so many people in the middle class purchasing cars. As such, with a reliable car wash machine you can be able to make money cleaning cars for a living. With all the considerations to start a car wash business, the car wash machine price in Kenya could be atop your mind. Keep reading for this and much more info on car wash machines in Kenya.

Types of car wash machines in Kenya

Car wash machines available for sale in Kenya may be categorized into two broad categories based on the intended user;

Domestic car wash machines – these are usually small models meant for home use. Most of them have electric engines and are run by plugging in to the mains. These car wash machines do not produce a high pressure and therefore also have a small flow rate. Some also come with fixed nozzles that do not allow for adjustment of water pressure for different surfaces.

These are highly portable car washing machines in Kenya and compact in design making them easy to move around. For small cleaning tasks, these car wash machines are highly effective and will save you money since you do not have to hire a professional cleaning company.

Professional car wash machines – these are the most common and sought after car was machines for sale in Kenya. This is because of their commercial benefits. Also, it is not a must they be used for washing cars. Since they eject water at really high pressures, they are also used by cleaning companies for deep cleaning of carpets, cleaning sidewalks, and removing mold on walls.

They usually have high pressure and therefore might not be suitable for most domestic uses because the high pressure might be damaging to some surfaces. However, they also vary in pressure from mid-range to very high so it all depends on the needs you have.

These car wash machines have huge powerful motors that enable them to achieve the high pressure and high water flow rate. They have long hoses that make cleaning of even big vehicles like trucks easy. Further, the usually come with many features like telescopic handles and adjustable nozzles that make all cleaning tasks super-fast.

Most of these models come with onboard storage for the hoses and the attached accessories. If not, they have reels that make it easy to handle the long cleaning hoses. They are usually made by renowned brands like Karcher and Aico. Since they have more power and many useful features, these brands of car wash machines in Kenya cost more.

Features to look out for in a car wash machine

You might have seen so many types of car wash machines for sale in Kenya. You might have been left wondering which car wash machine has the best features. Here is what you need to lookout for;

Water flow rate – a high water flow rate means that the machine avails more water in a second. This consequently means that your cleaning tasks can move more quickly since you have more water at your disposal on demand.

Pressure – another feature that goes in tandem with high water flow is pressure. The good car washing machines with high capabilities can achieve high pressures of even up to 150bar. With this pressure, water is ejected at high speeds from the nozzle making cleaning very easy.

Engine size or power – the third factor that directly affects the first two is the engine size or the power. It can be listed on the specifications in HP or even watts. The higher the power the higher the expected flow rate and pressure.

Hose length – the hose length is an important consideration because it determines how far away you can move from the car wash machine when cleaning. A big enough hose allows you to move around the car without requiring to carry the machine around to reach the other side. Most professional models come with long enough hoses and even power cable cords for those that are electric.

Portability – whether you are buying the car washing machine for business or domestic use, portability is an important factor to have in mind. The powerful car wash machines that might be on the heavy side come equipped with wheels for easy movement. Those without wheels should be lightweight and have handles for easy carrying.

Car wash machine price in Kenya

When it comes to car wash machine price in Kenya, various factors come into play. First is the brand that you are buying. Renowned quality brands such as Karcher and Aico definitely cost more than the other little known brands available in the market. Why? Their quality has been tried, tested and proven. It is quality and reliability that you can trust – no guess work.

Another factor that affects the car wash machine price in Kenya, is the engine power or size. The bigger or more powerful the engine is, the higher the cost. You should also buy your car wash machine from a reliable and trusted supplier.

The right car wash machine supplier in Kenya

We can help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing a washing machine. We are experts in car wash machines. We have been supplying car wash machines to businesses, organisations and individuals in need for so many years now. We are known for offering globally renowned car washing machines backed by unmatched customer support.

If you are looking for car wash machines for sale in Kenya, we are properly positioned to be of help to you. We have a rich inventory of Karcher and Aico brands for you to choose from. Our products meet different needs and also differing budgets.

Since we only specialize in supply of car washing machines, we are therefore knowledgeable about the products in the market and update our inventory regularly with the best machines available in the market. If there is a quality brand out there, then you can be sure we know about it or have it in stock. Browse our site to learn more about our brands and place your order today.