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Aico car wash machine

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Aico car wash machine prices

AICO 2600 psi (Electric) : Ksh 29,000
AICO 3000 psi (Petrol) : Ksh 27,000
AICO 3200 psi (Petrol) : Ksh 35,000

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Aico is a well-known manufacturer of high pressure car wash machines and other related equipment like water pumps, vacuum cleaners and others. The brand is setting itself up as a market leader through innovation and provision of affordable but quality products to meet market needs. With an Aico car wash machine therefore you know you have a product that will serve you for a long time.

With a growing popularity in the market and being able to compete with renowned brands in terms of price and quality, Aico products have become quite common. Furthermore, spare parts are readily available from the many available dealers and suppliers in the country.

Aico car wash machines are known for their superior water pressure. The higher the water pressure, the easier it is to remove grime and stubborn stains on the surface being cleaned. Their commercial car wash machines are versatile and come with many amazing features. They are mounted on a portable cart with high handles making it easy to move the machine.

That is not all, the machine is self-priming and can draw water from an external source. There is a reel for keeping the hose organized and attached at the front is a telescopic handle that makes it easy to clean even in the nooks and crannies. Producing 6.5HP of power, the commercial engine can achieve 180bar or 2400 psi with a flow rate of 2.7GPM (gallons per minute) for easy and quick cleaning even of big vehicles.

We are a trusted supplier of the AIco car wash machine in Kenya. We cooperate directly with the manufacturer to avail to you a wide range of Aico car wash machines suited to meet the needs of your business. Further, our products get to you at an affordable price and with leading warranties. Contact us for more details on AIco products.