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Electric car wash machine

Electric car wash machine price in Kenya

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When choosing a car wash machine you will find that some are electric. This means they need access to the mains grid to operate. Electric car wash machines come with a wide range of benefits that might make you consider these models. But before looking at the benefits you might wonder what the electric car wash machine price in Kenya is. Do not be intimidated by the futuristic look that most of these machines have, they are usually quite affordable.

Benefits of an electric car wash machine

Quiet operation – because most come with an induction engine, electric car wash machines are usually very quiet while in use. They do not make noise as much as the fuel powered car wash machines do. This means that you can work all day without getting the fatigue that comes from working in a noisy environment.

Low energy consumption – since they are more efficient and highly controlled than fuel run engines, electric engines therefore are highly energy efficient. Also, since they do not use piston engines that have frictional and other losses, these engines are able to produce energy without requiring too much power. Further, using electric energy reduces the carbon footprint by reducing pollution.

Easy to maintain – electric engines are almost maintenance free. Since there are no movements inside or combustion of fuel inside the engine that is required, these engines are super easy to maintain. With a little TLC your electric car wash machine can last you a long time without any problems. Also, low or no maintenance reduces expenses.

Continuous running – an electric car wash machine doesn't run out of fuel provided electricity is available on the power grid. As such, when power is available you do not experience any downtime in your business. They can also be run using a generator when electricity is not available. With a fuel powered car wash machine, you will need to stop every now and then to refuel the tank.

There are many more benefits of investing in an electric car wash machine including the wide array of features they come with. Electric car wash machines are made for the future and therefore come with many features to enhance usability and productivity while you are at work.

The electric car wash machine price in Kenya depends on the power of the machine you want. Usually, an electric car wash machine with a high power, cleaning pressure and flow rate costs more than one with a low power. Also, the additional features of the machine add on to the price. Finally, the brand you are buying. Renowned, quality brands usually cost more than the lesser known brands whose quality you cannot trust.

For all your electric car wash machine needs in Kenya, then you should trust our services. We have been supplying car wash machines to car wash businesses in the country for a really long time now. We have an in-depth understanding of car wash machines. As such we give our clients the most unbiased advice and recommendations when investing in car wash machines. Invest with us for quality and unparalleled service.