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Hisaki pressure washer

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Hisaki pressure washer

Car Wash Machine Prices
2700 psi - Ksh 65,000
3450 psi - Ksh 86,000

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If you are in the market for a commercial pressure washer in Kenya, then you must have come across the Hisaki pressure washer. Hisaki is a leading manufacturer of innovative high pressure washers that truly deliver high pressure. This means you can quickly clean cars and carpets with one pass as the water gushes out in very high pressures and removes even the most stubborn stains.

The most popular Hisaki pressure washer in Kenya is the 3450psi pressure washer. This pressure washer comes with a powerful yet efficient engine able to deliver this high pressure while keeping fuel or power costs on the minimum. That means more profits in your pocket and guaranteed return on your investment.

The Hisaki pressure washer also comes with all the required accessories to make usability very easy for you. It comes with different nozzles, a long hose and guns. This ensures you can use the machine immediately after purchase without making any additional purchases. Also, the maintenance costs for the Hisaki pressure washer are very low. With proper maintenance this machine lasts a really long time.

Investing in the Hisaki pressure washer will be the best thing you do for your car washing business. It will give you superior performance and reliability. The engine is quality and can keep going for long without overheating and other performance problems.

If the Hisaki pressure washer interests you, then we are here to help you in your investment journey. We are direct importers of the Hisaki pressure washer. You are therefore assured that you will get the genuine Hisaki pressure that will boost your business. We also offer this quality pressure washer at the best prices since we sell directly to the end user, you, without going through middle men. This website also helps to keep the prices really affordable for you. Contact us now to learn more.