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Kicho Japan pressure washer

Kicho Japan pressure washer


Is your building or car too dirty to feel the effect of a manual hand wash? Well, that should be the least of your worries if you consider our easy-to-handle mobile machine that can make water perform limitless actions. Kicho Japan pressure washer is one of our select products that can help you easily clean your surface. We are proud to inform you that it's worth a try judging from how important it is.

Small as it may look, this washer uses diesel and water to perform its ultimate task. It is fitted with two wheels and a handle. The engine takes in water, and within a second, as if adding energy to it, water is projected at very high pressure at the nozzle tip, which is pointed to lose paint, grime, dust, or whichever is dirty for a clean-off.

Moreover, a simple machine requires more time and energy and may have undesired results if manually done. Why not ease life by contacting us and owning this machine even in the next hour?

Our product's unique features are its hydraulic pressure, PSI, gallon-per-liter flow rate, or GPM. Our product is exclusive and efficient in that by the pressure of up to 3000PSI and 4GPM, and you will have scraped every mud from your car and washed or lost pebble stack in your furrow.

To our potential customers, you can trust us to get this machine according to your preference and taste. All conditions of buying apply. You are allowed to judge our product and check on its power. You will also be offered a manual to get a scope of how it works, an agreed warranty will be settled, and if you wish, we can give you after-sell services, which include testing for the machine right there and then delivery.

In a nutshell, what we offer is one of the 21st-century inventions that is incomparable to others, and if you want to prove us right, why not own a Kicho Japan pressure washer?