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Pacwell pressure washer machine price in Kenya

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Pacwell pressure washer price in kenya

Model & Psi Power Type Price (Ksh)
Pacwell 3450 Psi Electric Ksh 85,000
Pacwell 2700 Psi  Electric Ksh 65,000
Pacwell 3600 Psi 3 Phase   Electric Ksh 130,000
Pacwell 2750 Psi  Petrol Ksh 42,000
Pacwell 4000 Psi Electric (3-Phase) Ksh 135,000

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Are you looking to start a car wash business? Then you know the success of your business highly depends highly on the car washing machine you purchase. You need a high power machine able to eject water at high pressures to easily clean dust, mud and grime from the cars. The Pacwell pressure washer is one of the most popular pressure washer available in the market today. If you have searched for a presser washer machine even for a while you must have come across the Pacwell brand. Could be you are now wondering what the Pacwell pressure washer machine price in Kenya is.

Pacwell car wash machine prices
2700 psi - Ksh 59,000
3450 psi - Ksh 79,000

For Purchase inquiries, Call/SMS/Whatsapp 0724 265172
We are located at SMK Business centre along Enterprise road, next to Hillocks (Abt 2 kms from GM

The Pacwell pressure washer machine price in Kenya depends highly on where you purchase. It is important to make your purchase from a trusted and recommended dealer of Pacwell pressure washers in Kenya. This is where we come in. We are a leading supplier and recommended distributor of Pacwell pressure machines in Kenya. Many big and small car washing business in the country continue to enjoy reliable service from the Pacwell pressure washers that we sell.

Pacwell is a good brand because of its reliability, high pressure capability and water saving features. What's more, the pressure washer comes with different nozzles that you can adjust to suit the cleaning you are doing. This combination of high water pressure capabilities and different spray nozzle capabilities no vehicle is too hard for you to clean. From cleaning muddy trucks and Lorries to much cleaner town cars there is nothing that is beyond your reach.

One of the biggest problems many car washers experience is pressure surges during operation. Some machines work fine one moment and fail you the next. Imagine just getting mud out of one tire and then having to wait for the pressure to build up again. This happens when you do not have sufficient water flow or when you have a weak machine. With the Pacwell pressure washer machine this will be a thing of the past. Provided you have a good flow of water, with Pacwell pressure washer machine you will never have to worry about pressure drops that can take up a lot of your time.

The engine in the Pacwell pressure washer is an impressive one. It is able to provide 5HP ensuring you have all the power you need to deliver the pressure you want. Cleaning with this machine is easy and quick. But that is not the only feature you will find useful with the Pacwell pressure washer machine. It also has a long cleaning wand that allows you to get around the car with ease. No need to keep dragging the machine along. But even when you need to move the machine, it is highly portable and easy to move around.

If you are in love with this machine, which we know you are and want to enjoy the best Pacwell pressure washer machine price in Kenya, then you should consider buying from us. We sell original Pacwell brand with industry leading guarantees.