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Pioneer Car Wash Machine in Kenya

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Pioneer Pressure Washer price in Kenya

Model & Psi Power Type Price (Ksh)
Pioneer 3450 psi Electric Ksh 88,000/=
Pioneer 2700 psi Electric Ksh 65,000
Pioneer 2000 psi Electric Ksh 48,000/=

For any serious investor looking to start a successful car wash business, it is essential that you invest in a quality car wash machine. If you are in the market for a car wash machine, you must have come across the pioneer car wash machine in Kenya. This is one of the favorite machines for many people venturing into the car wash business. This is because of its versatility, reliability and affordability of the pioneer car wash machines.

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The Pioneer brand has a wide variety of machines in the market at different prices based on the pressure it is able to achieve and other features. Remember a high pressure machine allows you to offer a under wash cleaning and other cleaning services that require water jets at high pressure. Some of the common machines include; the 3450 psi, 3200 psi, and 2500 psi machines. The choice here is purely on the needs of your business and your budget because all of these machines are reliable.

But that is not all, with Pioneer brand you get a machine with a powerful engine ran by reliable motors. You therefore get the power you need to produce the high pressures needed for your work. What's more, these car wash machines are able to maintain a high flow rate that makes your work easy. With the high flow rate you can keep cleaning without having to stop to wait the pressure to build up.

All the pioneer car wash machines in Kenya are self-priming making them great for car wash business. Self-priming means that the car wash machine can be able to draw water from external water sources. So you can easily connect the machine to a water tank on your premises so you have reliable water supply to clean as many cars as possible continuously.

Another feature that would not go unmentioned for the pioneer car wash machine in Kenya is the great performance achieved by these machines. From the telescopic handle for ease of use, the aluminum anodized pump and the mobile space saving design, everything about the pioneer models is done to ensure you get superior performance from your pump.

The pioneer car wash machine in Kenya is available in two variants. You can go with an electric powered engine or a fuel powered one. The electric powered engine is good for those car wash businesses situated on sites that have mains connection. But not to fret if you are starting a car wash business at a remote site without electricity connection. You can go with one of the fuel powered machines. The fuel powered machines come with highly efficient engines that keep consumption down. This means that a little fuel will go a long way thus more savings for you.

If you are already interested in investing in the pioneer car wash machine in Kenya, then we can help you. We are a recommended and trusted supplier of the Pioneer brand. We have a wide variety of their car wash machines in stock at different prices. We can help you choose the best car wash machine for your needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more.