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Vacuum cleaner price in Kenya

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There is no doubt about it but vacuum cleaners are an essential household appliance. They are also extremely useful for home and car cleaning companies.

This is because vacuum cleaners are used to extract dirt and debris from carpets, rugs and upholstery in the house and vehicles. Finding a good vacuum cleaner can be confusing with sticks, cylinders, handheld and uprights to choose from not to mention the varying vacuum cleaner prices in Kenya.

As such, you need to find a reliable supplier of vacuum cleaners in Kenya for you to work with. That is where our company comes in handy. We are the leading supplier of vacuum cleaners in Kenya with a wide range of products for you to choose from. Our products vary from simple handheld upholstery cleaners to deep suction vacuum cleaners for professional vacuuming of carpets. The vacuum cleaner price in Kenya for our products varies too with the most advanced and powerful cleaners costing more.

We offer the following types of vacuum cleaners for you to choose from;

Handheld vacuum cleaners – these are small vacuum cleaners usually used for cleaning seats, couches, curtains and other upholstery at home. They are ideal for use in cleaning awkward spaces and getting in nooks and crannies. Some are even designed to suck up liquid spills so you can quickly get rid of spills at home.

Upright vacuum cleaners – upright vacuum cleaners are so called because of their upright orientation, balancing on the power head/nozzle. The power head, dirt container and handle are all attached as parts of the same unit. This is not the case in canister or cylinder vacuum cleaners. Upright vacuum cleaners are corded and therefore they get the power they need to tackle tough stains and all types of carpets.

Cylinder vacuum cleaners – cylinder vacuum cleaners are popular with professionals because they offer a lot of cleaning power and they have a large cleaning radius. Most cylinders are transparent allowing you to see the level of the dirt as it piles up ready for disposal. They are usually bagless because the dirt and debris is sucked into a cylinder that is part of the vacuum cleaner.

Stick vacuum cleaners – stick vacuum cleaners are so called because they are usually cordless. They are therefore easy to move around and mostly they can easily be disconnected to become handheld vacuum cleaners. They are ideal for use in places where a lot of maneuverability is required and in houses with different levels.

The last type of vacuum cleaners are robot cleaners which are ideal for people without any budgetary constraints and those that do not want to get tired cleaning since these are fully automated and set to clean on their own at set times.

With our wide range of vacuum cleaners, we are sure we have exactly what you need to meet your needs and your budget. We have chosen our products from renowned manufacturers to meet your needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more.